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I'm going to look instead at someone who is probably not as well known: Louise Michel, the Red Virgin of Montmartre. Louise Michel has Chariklo conjunct Jupiter and, as Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, it can be seen as a triple conjunction. As such Chariklo works very differently here from how it works in Joan Baez's chart. Very briefly, Louise was the result of a liaison between servant and master and as such she received a good, liberal education. She went on to run a school in Paris but she earned very little money because she didn't like turning away poor children.

She also became involved in revolutionary politics and joined the short-lived Paris Commune of , at first as an ambulance woman, treating the wounded, and later joining the National Guard, which involved carrying a gun and wearing a man's military uniform. I'm not sure whether she actually shot anyone though she certainly offered to shoot the man who suppressed the Commune. At her trial she dared the judges to sentence her to death: 'If you let me live, I shall never cease to cry for vengeance' for the suppression of the Commune. However, determined not to give her the martyrdom she craved, and possibly also afraid of the public reaction if they did, they sentenced her to a period of transportation instead.

She and other rebels were transported to New Caledonia, where life was very tough as they were literally dumped there with no resources like food or shelter. Remember, these were Parisian urbanites and they now found themselves forced to live a Robinson Crusoe existence.

Undaunted, Louise befriended the local Kanaks, educated them and supported them, morally if not actively, in their revolt. She also undertook an early anthropological study while on the island. She returned to France in and continued with her activism, which led to several short terms in prison. She died on 9 January aged 74 while touring France, lecturing on behalf of anarchist causes. Greatly admired during her lifetime, the local community in Paris still maintain her grave to this day. Obviously neither Chariklo alone nor in combination with Jupiter-Neptune can explain the whole of her life.

But Chariklo energy can be seen in her choosing to dress in men's clothing — not unheard of at the time e. Georges Sand but considered unconventional. Louise never married, she was wedded to the cause — again, unusual for the time she lived in. Significantly, her Chariklo is quincunx Saturn, which I see as Chariklo jabbing at the establishment, wanting them to see there are other, better ways to live I have Chariklo in as close a quincunx to my Sun-Jupiter-Mercury, so I know what it feels like.

She was a thorn in the flesh of the establishment for the whole of her life.

Whilst revolution is usually the territory of Uranus, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also contributes to this part of Louise's life. Alexander Ruperti Cycles of Becoming , pg describes them as being concerned with collective action. Neptune's idealism and interconnectedness shine through her life story, for example in her association with collectives like the Commune rather than treading a lone path, which would be more Uranian.

The Chariklo-Jupiter connection is evident in her career as a teacher, with Neptune's idealism there too in her teaching pupils for free and encouraging the Kanaks in their uprising. And the Chariklo-Jupiter-Neptune combination is shown in her defiant bid for martyrdom. This is just one example of how Chariklo works in the life of an activist — one that was a bit of a rough diamond, perhaps, but a woman who stuck to her principles and gave her all to whatever situation she found herself in. Labels: Centaur , Centaurs , Chariklo , Chiron. They were made of different elements—she of water and air, he of earth and fire.

She felt a growing desire to be with Chiron, a yearning that came from deep in her heart. She sought solace in the deeper waters and the darker shadows beneath the surface where the water lilies rooted in the mud. Her heart was heavy with loving and longing to join Chiron in his life of teaching and healing. The longing and love became so strong that she found herself reaching beyond what she had ever known and been.

Her nymph body started to shapeshift. She found herself stepping out of the water onto the soft mosses of the river bank. She had become a centaur woman. For this act of love, she was crowned again, receiving a second halo from the star angels in honor of her loving wisdom. Chariklo remained a centaur for many a year and a day longer, caring for Chiron and his troop of young heroes, teaching them her special knowledge. Tragedy struck. At a wedding party, a bottle of sacred wine was broken, spilling this special drink out. The wild centaurs, like a motorcycle gang roaring in to town, crashed the party and got drunk.

Fights broke out, arrows were strung on bows. Chiron was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow and could not heal himself. His life became a burden as he lived in constant pain. When any other centaur or human would have died, Chiron was son of Saturn, part god, and was immortal.

From her deep love, Chariklo showed Chiron how to shapeshift into his Starb body and find his place among the constellations.

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You can see The Centaur in the southern sky, next to The Scorpion. Chariklo retired back into the waters. A mermaid again she swam all the way to the sea and made her home among the coral reefs among distant islands. Scotti of the Spacewatch program, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, with an orbit of 62 years. Her discovery chart is extraordinary and beautiful story for another time. In astronomers were surprised to find two slender rings circling this tiny object, like a double halo or a pair of wedding and engagement rings.

The Galactic Centre and the Centaurs

I appreciate the support and feedback I receive from new and longtime readers, and the personal notes. They were such different beings, but in their hearts they shared a deep love of Nature, its small delights and the ancient wisdom of the Earth, the rhythms of the waters and the seasons, the stories in the sky and the stars, His name was Chiron.

Note that Jupiter is exalted in the receptive sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and is dignified in Sagittarius…but not always! Generosity, given and received in humility, allows the circulation of beneficence. It is believed to be billion years old and to contain billion stars!

Our Solar System takes million years to complete one orbit around the Galactic Centre, and if the size of our galaxy were reduced to metres, our Solar System would be the size of a grain of sand William Blake Auguries of Innocence Indeed, the centres of all galaxies are thought to consist of black holes, giving birth to numerous stars. Centaurus is said to be the constellation in which Chiron was immortalised, but its iconography also suggests the Centaur Pholus, who was wounded in the foot!

So Chiron was immortalised — at the edge of the Dark Rift! What a wonderful symbolic picture. Our Solar System weaves in and out of the plane of the galaxy, going above, below and through it.

The Astrology of Ecstasy, Pt. 2

However, other sources claim that we are currently about 50 light years above the mid-plane of the galaxy, which we crossed about two million years ago, and moving further away! The Solar System is actually a whirling helix, travelling around the Galactic Centre at a speed of about km per second! However, factoids, discrepancies and confusions need not spoil our appreciation of the imaginal sense that our entire Solar System, along with everything it symbolises, is peripheral and beholden to a yet greater centre.

Which in turn is peripheral to yet another, which is in turn peripheral to another…and so on, to an infinity of super-centres and multiverses. This same dynamic — the relationship between centre and periphery — resonates through every dimension of creation.

A tiny mystery

When the last five degrees of Sagittarius are stimulated by transiting planets, a process of awakening is initiated. A time of accelerated spiritual development occurs, with its attendant life challenges which may include rapid change, separations, crisis, illness and stress as outmoded ideas are released. Density, opaqueness and blockages within the mind the soul are being spun off, as in a centrifuge. This is a perhaps useful image for the Galactic Centre - a centrifuge - where everything is spun away from the dark centre, revealing an empty space. Rudolf Steiner reminds us that,.

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The Centaurs reflect within the psyche the crucial process of purification, healing and integration which accompanies our spiritual awakening. This enables us to contact dimensions of awareness that have a freeing and healing effect. The result is a healing transition. From then until the end of , one or more Centaurs pass through the Galactic Centre zone, sometimes as many as three together, namely Pholus, Chariklo and Hylonome.

Pholus has an orbit length of Stations are included, as they typically mark periods where planetary energy intensifies:. Endtnotes: 1. Aurora Press, NM, p.

Centaur 10199 Chariklo

See Francis J. Mott, Mythology of the Prenatal Life Starwalker Press, London. Temple Lodge, London, p. See my website for more on the Chiron-Saturn squares, plus ephemeris and more detail about Chariklo and Hylonome. For detailed exploration of Pholus, see Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs First published by: The Astrological Journal , She was awarded the prestigious Charles Harvey Award in , given by the Astrological Association for "exceptional service to astrology".

Her work is an unusual combination of intuition and meticulous research. Website: www. Baganoff et al. Fujii Graphic ephemeris provided by the author.